Frequently Asked Questions

This section describes some solutions of general problems that you may encounter using this software.

During installation process I get "Extension mysql is missing" message

It seems your PHP installation does not have some functions needed by the database driver. Please make sure that extension is available for PHP or try different driver. To make sure appropriate extension is used by PHP you need to have appropriate rights to make changes in PHP's configuration file and to restart web server.

During installation process I get "Cannot connect to database" message

Probably your settings are wrong. Check all data you entered (database username, password, name) and make sure the remote database service is running and firewalls make your application pass to it. It can be also the problem with the specified database driver or layer.

Notice that database must exists and your has proper rights to it, otherwise connection may fail. Really. It would be also good if the database user has enough privileges to create tables in selected database.

If you are sure that all is ok but the maybe you should try another driver. Currently system is designed especially to use with MySQL databases so only mysql layers are reliable.

After successful install I see "Error: Connection to database failed"

Probably your configuration file (include/config.php) contains bad information – have a look at the $Database declarations and check if the database name, user login and password are correct and valid (database server must work of course). If you are sure about the settings, check if your database server works (you may use the tools/checkdb).

Another way to solve this problem is to configure your site again. For that you should remove your existing configuration file (or rename it to include/config.php.backup), and then enter your site again. It's probably safe, Warning! Setup will remove all your tables unless you set “Omit checked Of course the install directory is required for that, so you will probably have to upload it again (you didn't forget to remove it after installation, did you?).

After moving my website to my provider's web accout I see: "Error: Connection to database failed"

Look at the previous answer. It may be that because your local database connection is a bit different – in that case you should use different configurations for your sites.

I've got "Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent"

Change the output_buffering setting in your PHP configuration file.

This may affect on authentication process. If a script cannot modify HTML header (which is the only place to set a COOKIE) authentication based on HTTP will cause your passwords sent every request, and if is set to use cookies it may not work at all. This is strange behaviour but if you cannot modify PHP configuration file consider using http method as your $Config['AuthType'] requesets via SSL.