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All the global variables should be written in upper case letters or be capitalized.

In the core library these are values or objects: $PAGE, $LOGIN, $ACTION and these are arrays: $Lang, $Config, $Users... For the global arrays keys are capitalized too.


Currently we are living in the world of Windows and Unix systems, both in each closed and open source form (1 Sic! Look for the projects like Wine or ReactOS). That's why I'm trying to be aware of differences between these two worlds. So the filenames should be . One goal is that Apache/PHP environment gives you something that

For more details dive into the source of the FullyQualifiedPath() procedure.

Paths are stored in two ways - if it is a directory, it should containt trailing slash (/), otherwise it may be name of the file. A list of directories should look like:


If you mix elements without trailing slash (/) you make an internal difference between files and directories, because of concatenation of element and general path.

If locale() looks for the specific data named "example" for "pl" language it will read all the locale/pl/example.php files found it directories specified in $Config['LocalePath'] which probably contains:

 used in libraries;

Root paths

Root paths should begin with: